Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCT Testing and Specimen Collection

The Suisse Clinic provides a safe and friendly place for Specimen Collections for Covid19 RT-PCR testing for travelers, contacts or suspected individuals.
Samples are sent out to a well-established laboratory approved by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute.

Certificates provided by the laboratory are recognized by all airlines.

Nasal and oral samples are obtained for adults for maximum accuracy. Oropharyngeal collection is done for children. All testing is done outdoors for your protection.

Covid Request Form:

Please fill out the following COVID FORM

Sample collection time:

8:30 am to 12:00 noon.
Specimens collected after 12 pm will be sent the following day.


Same day results can be obtained by 7 pm for samples collected before noon.
24 hour results are ready by 10am the following day

Cost: 2500 birr


If you need a certificate for travel, you must bring a valid Passport and Airline Ticket prior to testing. A Travel Certificate is provided by the assigned laboratory and certificate can be picked up at the Suisse Clinic the same day after 7pm or the following day.


We recommend that you make an appointment ahead of time in order to minimize crowding. Appointments can be done one day prior to testing. Walk-ins are also accepted.

Contact Information:

For all questions regarding testing and results please call 0929-901837

For your convenience and safety, we recommend that the request forms be filled online before or at arrival at clinic at . Forms can be printed at the clinic.

COVID 19 Antibody Testing:

Antibody testing is now available at certain referral laboratories and can be sent out from the Suisse Clinic for specific reasons (ie travel to China).

COVID 19 Antigen Rapid Testing:

Test kits by Abbott will hopefully be available soon. This will have the big advantage of getting rapid results within 30 minutes although results will not be as accurate as PCR. We are awaiting approval to use these tests from EPHI and will let you know when available.